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Home / Dinghy / Dinghy Hire Conditions
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Home / Dinghy / Dinghy Hire Conditions

Some of the following conditions have changed so please read them before hiring a boat.

Important Note: Club Boats must NOT be taken out if the wind is gusting greater than F5,18 knots. Check the wind strength on Cambermet before going out. Also bear in mind that the current in the channel can be significant so if there is very little wind you could be swept along away from the club. To avoid this risk you are advised not to use the boats when the wind strength is less than F2. Paddles are available.

To hire one of the Club boats (2000/Visions/Fevas/Fusion or Pico) for the day or part thereof, please note the following:-

  • You must be over 18 yrs, a Club member and competent to ensure your own safety and that of the craft. Should you be unsure as to whether or not you are competent to handle the prevailing conditions, you should NOT venture out without a safety boat or a competent adult in company.
  • If you are not over 18 years (or have attained your 18th birthday but have not yet become a Club member) your parent must hire the boat and be responsible at all times both for your safety and that of the craft. Please read the Club 'Policy TISC Policy for Sailing for Children .
  • Take a note of the boat number you are using so that when reporting any problems, the boat is easily identifiable.
  • Boats are NOT available for hire on any day when there is an organised Club Sailing Session. This includes Junior Week, On the Water, Plastic Fantastic, or training courses as they will be in use for the sessions.
  • To hire a boat it HAS to be booked online online here, some instructions on booking are located here , if there are any issues with booking online please contact Martin Sweet, Rear Commodore Training on or text him on 07462663866. boats are NOT to be taken out unless you have made a booking online.

Dinghy Hire Fees

  • Club dinghies can be hired for Club Racing events but they are not free of charge. The fee is the same whether for social sailing or racing. To ensure availability a booking must be made via the normal channels subject to the same conditions as described above.
  • The fees for each day or part thereof are
Boat Daily Cost(£)
RS Vision 15
RS Feva 15
Laser 2000 15
Fusion 15
Pico 10
  • An invoice for the hire will be raised and you pay this online through Gocardless before you take the boat out.

Note: Refunds will only be issued if the wind is greater than the club limit. To get a refund contact the membership secretary, You are advised to check the wind strength prior to booking a boat.

Storage & Rigging

  • THE COST OF REPLACING THESE ITEMS IS HUGE. DAGGERBOARD = £230, RUDDER ASSEMBLY = £250. FEVA RUDDER ASSEMBLY = £400. If you lose one of these items you will be expected to contribute to its replacement.
  • When hiring the Visions or the Yellow 2000 you MUST use the grey mast float. This should be left in the boat.
  • After sailing please wash the boat, undo the bung and ensure all sails etc are left where you found them. In the boat with a cover or for the Picos foils and boom in the storage shed, make sure you secure it after returning the rudder, centreboard and boom. The main sail for the Picos and Fusions should be furled on the mast and left in the shed.
  • When not in use the boats must be put back on their trolleys to minimise damage to the hulls. Do NOT leave sitting on the ground or drag over the stones. Also do not leave the sails flapping. This can cause damage and wears them out.
  • Please secure the storage sheds if there are no other users in the vicinity.
  • Ensure the launching trolley is left where not to cause obstruction to footpaths, or other users - please ensure you do not leave it on the Church land while on the water

Rigging Guides


  • Safety is the responsibility of each member who goes out on the water and, if under-age, the responsibility of the parent. PLEASE ASK FOR ADVICE IF YOU ARE UNSURE AS TO CONDITIONS OR ABILITY.
  • NOTE: It is a requirement when using club boats that a life jacket or buoyancy aid is worn. These are not supplied.
  • Although there can be little or no tidal current in the water immediately in front of the Clubhouse wall at high water, the current increases as you approach the channel and, in the channel itself can be very strong indeed, especially at mid tide
  • Club Byelaws (xii) and (xiii) refer to Safety on the water and these can be viewed at
  • The ideal crew weight range for a Feva is 100 kg to 110 kg it would therefore be inappropriate if windy to sail with a crew weight significantly less.
  • When hiring any of the boats when it is windy, gusting above F5 they CANNOT be taken out. This is reduce the risk of needing assistance. Most boats can be reefed. If in doubt reef.
  • If there are any bits of the boat you have hired that do not work properly, please make a note on the whiteboard on the back of the Fusion shed door.
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