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Home / Members / Members only / Members' Area / Duty Sign-up / Grass Cutting-Clubhouse

Grass Cutting-Clubhouse

Towards the end of the 2016 season the Houseman had to take all 5 of the Club's lawnmowers, plus his own which he had lent to the club, in for servicing and repair. Despite all of them having been serviced prior to the start of the season, none of them would start and at least 2 had suffered serious damage. One had even been left with its grass box full of clippings! The repair bill for mowing and strimming equipment was well over £600 for the year alone.

The problem would appear to be simply down to a small number of members not taking proper care of the mowers in the same way they would if they were using their own machines. Some are not taking sufficient care to avoid stones and other hard objects, and unfamiliarity with the controls and adjustments is leading to further damage.

This extra cost was turning grass cutting into a marginal operation whereby it could be cheaper for the club to employ a grounds maintenance contractor to do the work. This is something the Committee is loathe to do as it defeats our policy of being a self-help club. Nevertheless, if things had gone on as they had been doing, it is something it would have had to seriously consider.

In order to overcome the problem, the Committee decided to offer members the opportunity of using their own lawnmowers. The club will of course provide the fuel. Please note the use of 240v electric mowers is not permitted for safety reasons.

If you are able and prepared to do this, you will receive priority booking. Full instructions will be emailed to all members in January each year. They may then book a duty by responding to this email. Any places remaining 2 weeks or so afterwards will then be offered to members who wish to use the Club's mowers in preference to their own.

Please follow the emailed instructions You cannot book a place on this web page.

On the day of your duty, you must sign the list on the Noticeboard in the Clubhouse twice. Firstly to say you have read the Safety Instructions and secondly to confirm completion of your duty.

Neil Burns

R/C Cruising

Last updated 19:09 on 25 January 2018

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