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Home / News / Coronavirus - Club Status - Updated 05/01/2021
Home / News / Coronavirus - Club Status - Updated 05/01/2021

Coronavirus - Club Status - Updated 05/01/2021

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Published 00:00 on 1 Jan 2021

Update 05/01/2021

Dear Members,

Following the Prime Minister's announcement last night of the new national lockdown restrictions to be introduced across England, I regrettably confirm that Thorney Island Sailing Club is now closed with immediate effect. The Government has stated that all outdoor sports venues are to close and we should stay at home as much as possible.

I know this is hugely disappointing, if not wholly unexpected.

A member of the committee or the Dinghy Park Coordinator will visit regularly to check on boats and to ensure that there are no issues. Meanwhile, there should be no reason for anyone to travel to the club; if you believe there is an urgent reason for you to do so, then please contact me.

I hope that this is the beginning of the last restriction that we will have and that by early spring, we will be able to get back on the water again.

Stay well and I will you update you when the situation changes.

Meanwhile, don't forget the TISC QUIZ on Friday 8th January!

Best wishes,


Update 01/01/2021


I hope that you were all able to celebrate the new year in some way and are looking forward to all the good things that we hope 2021 will bring.

Update on Current Situation

With the move of most of our members to Tier 4, the sailing club remains closed for sailing until 4 January. The staff at the base will then be returning and so I will be able to discuss the feasibility of those members who live nearby and are therefore allowed to travel short distances within their tier area for exercise, being permitted to get back on the water.

Current Regulations

  • We are permitted to exercise within our tier area whilst keeping it as close to home as we can - only short distances should be traveled.
  • The RYA have confirmed that single or household sailing may take place, although no organised activities are to be arranged and no mixing etc at the club.
  • However, we will still need to get approval from the Head of Establishment to access the water.

Going Forward

Thorney Island borders Sussex and Hampshire with it being very difficult to get an agreement of where it sits. Wikipedia says it is in West Sussex but the postal address puts it in Hampshire!

Hence, it will be a challenge and possibly somewhat unfair to allow access to one county in Tier 4 and not the other. When I discuss the option for allowing sailing again, and due to the requirement that we are expected to exercise close to home, it is likely that those who live closest will be allowed to sail at Thorney Island, if permission is granted.

Please be assured that there are regular visit to the boat park to check on boats, and this includes those by the HoE who emailed us with photos of boats who needed attention after the storm before Christmas.

I will let you all know as soon as I can as to the arrangements while we are in Tier 4.

Stay well and let's look forward to the Spring when I hope things will be different!

Best wishes,


Sarah Cray


Updated 5/11/2020

Following the announcement on Saturday by the Prime Minister and the decisions the Government took this week, this is just to confirm that unfortunately, no sailing or other watersports are currently permitted from the slipway or shore of Thorney Island Sailing Club. Hence, all access to the island has been stopped and at present, this is only allowed for essential reasons. Please note, that no access to the dinghy park is permitted from the Public Right of Way that goes around the island.

This is a great shame but, I suspect, not unexpected for many of you.

This means:

1. No sailing, racing or other watersports until further notice.

2. No Duty Days such as grass cutting or working days.

3. No access to the club house.

4. No maintenance or working on boats in the boat park.

5. We have had to close the bar again!

  • If you are a cruiser owner and your boat is still on its mooring or it needs winterising, please contact myself or RC Cruising to discuss arrangements for doing these tasks.
  • If you would like to remove your dinghy, please contact myself or RC Dinghies.

If the situation changes and sailing is permitted as an activity, I will notify you all as soon as possible.

Do all stay well and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Previous Update

Good news - We have been given permission to access the island again - on the proviso we review and agree to the procedures outlined by the Army - these have been distributed to all members via email.

Please review the email and materials thoroughly, but below is a summary of the key points

  1. This is a phased re-opening starting with Outdoor activities only so not using the club house kitchen or lounges. These will be locked. Only the disabled toilet will be accessable.
  2. Review and adhere to the instructions from the Army.
  3. You and all family members(adults & children) need to be on the NEW access list to gain entry to the Island. Not on the access list and you won't get access.
  4. To get on the Access List - Agree & Accept for each family member in the Membership Area on the website, Each family member has their own profile so only one name in the 'Covid Requirements completed' field in a profile.
  5. Leave a statement agreeing to conditions signed by all family members in the club postbox on the north end of the club on your first visit.
  6. Check In/Out when you Enter/Leave the Island. This has to be done on a smart phone. There is information on the front page of the website on how to do it.
  7. Bring soap for hand washing and wash hands in the boat park. Also bring gel.
  8. The Clubhouse is restricted to the disabled toilet only for members (Not to be used for changing). Change outside.
  9. Builders are working in the club at the moment trying to finish the gents upgrade so be aware.and keep your distance.Wash hands and gel before and after if you need to use the toilet.
  10. Note: The door combination is not as in your renewal. The current code has been communicated to members via email.
  11. At this stage NO communal equipment is available. This means no boats can be hired at the moment.
  12. Follow Government Guidance and adhere to Social Distancing at all times, including sailing - sailing solo or only with members of your household.
  13. Assuming you review and agree to the 'Covid Requirements' online by 12:00 on Friday you will be added to the list for the following day - after this you will need to wait another week for the access list to be updated.
  14. Only come to the club if you are in good health and not showing signs of Coronavirus
  15. if you have symptoms after coming to the club please return home and contact a committee member.immediately so we can establish who may be at risk. This is why it is important to check in/out.

At this stage there is no training or racing scheduled - but we are looking at options to allow us to open up these activities safely in the future.

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