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Home / News / 2020 Renewals
Home / News / 2020 Renewals

2020 Renewals

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Published 23:00 on 17 Oct 2019

Renewals are now open. Closing date is Sunday 23th February. Late renewals will be charged £50. Please contact me if your payment might be held up for any reason.

If you owe £110 in lieu of a duty, I will charge that via Gocardless, (assuming you are signed up), when you confirm your renewal. Other unpaid invoices will also need to be paid.

If you are not sure if you have paid then check Invoices in the Members Portal .

Not renewing in 2020 , please let me know

With the exception of those who are unable to negotiate the website, everyone else should log-in and confirm they are renewing as outlined below. . This also applies to members who don't pay any fees.

I am unable to renew on line

Please contact me and I will email you an invoice. This is for the few senior members who are unable to log-in to the website . Even if you are paying by cheque I still expect most of you to confirm your renewal on the website.

I am renewing on line

Click on Members Portal

then scroll down to and click Renew

In Membership renewals

Tick both boxes

I agree to club rules etc + Renew this membership

In each Berths/Boat Park Renewals

tick either Renew this mooring or I will not be needing this mooring

If you want to add an additional boat , please email me

Then Click RENEW SELECTED at the bottom of the page which will light up after you have ticked all the boxes

You will then be asked to Confirm Changes, you will have a chance to amend it at this stage

You will then see your total Invoice and be asked to choose a payment method

If you pay by cheque then please email me but only after you have confirmed your renewal in the Members Portal.

Don't forget you can find your invoice again under Invoices in the Members Portal

Gocardless - a few notes

Payment is by a one off direct debit ,

You must authorise Gocardless and enable automatic payments, You will be given 3 days warning before the money is taken from your bank..

The payment only goes through only after I click the charge button. I will wait about 24 hours , in case you have paid by Bank Transfer .

If you make a mistake , contact me and I will cancel the payment at my end. Please don't cancel it yourself as it causes issues with the Database and the accounting.

I can organise a refund via GoCardless very easily if necessary.

Best Wishes

David Desgrand

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